Tuesday, March 31, 2009

R.I.P. Dreamcicle

I was very sad to find my beloved Koi, Dreamcicle, floating in the pond this morning. I've had him for 9 years and he survived 4 years with the previous owners. He was originally installed by the owners before that and I don't know what age he was when initially brought here, but he was at least 13+ years old. Koi can live up to 65 years when they are treated as we treat our dogs and cats, i.e. annual vet visits, special grooming, food and other things.

I think his demise was caused by multiple factors, not the least of which was the heron. I saw that heron go in after the Koi once, feet first. I had seen what could be claw marks on Dreamcicle's scales. I immediately replenished his slime coat and tried to be ultra vigilant, but there's only so much a person can do. I was sad to bury him. I have one more Koi left, Hoosier. He has cow-like markings of black and white. I really thought he'd pass away first since he has scoliosis. He is almost an "S" shape at this point.

I have decided after Mr. Hoosier passes, no more Koi. Goldfish are just as colorful and not quite as dynamic. Besides, I haven't got another 60+ years left in me and my son would never want to inherit that! In Japan, Koi are kept in the family, passing from one generation to the next. They really love their Koi and get them to do tricks and come when they're called just like we do with our dogs. I just couldn't devote that kind of time to them.

Well, that makes the 12th pet buried on MarshLand property. It marks the 18th pet death in the 9 years since I've been living here. Even though each pet was pretty old, it does seem like a lot of death. I'm getting very good at digging graves. I guess that's just what happens as we age. We see more and more death until every person, relative and pet we've known is gone - that is if we are the one to outlive them. My grandmother used to talk about it, how everything and everyone she'd known well was gone. I understand that so much better the older I get. As friends and family and even pets pass away I am reminded how fragile and precious this life it.

Rest in Peace poor little fish, you will be missed.