Monday, October 12, 2009

Become a "Fan" of the Seminole County Master Gardeners' 2010 Walk!

For anyone that happens to stop by, please consider becoming a FaceBook "Fan" of the 2010 Master Gardeners' Garden Walk! It's an annual event and it's free! The tour features six amazing gardens graciously volunteered by their owners.  I'll be posting a slide show of last years tour soon! We Seminole County Florida Master Gardeners have also put together an exhibit "hall" at the extension services office this year with educational booths from folks like "Water Wise" from the St. John's Water Management District* and Florida Yards and Neighborhoods* as well as the "Ask a Master Gardener Booth.  The event is free and sure to be a blast! So if you're local, save the date: Sunday, May 16, 2010.  If you're not local, just help us out by becomeing a "Fan" of our FaceBook page!

*This is a sampling of possible participants as an example. Actual participants will be listed as the date aproaches.