Thursday, May 27, 2010

Oil Spill - Where to go in Florida to Help

If you're like me, this oil spill is gut wrenching. As anyone who has read any of my articles knows, water, clean water is my passion. And wildlife is also a huge priority to me. I didn't make my yard, pool and home a totally organic wildlife habitat for any other reason than my love for all life and firm commitment to clean, pure water for all life!

All that said, there are many great ways to get involved and volunteer to help clean up this oil mess! One of the best sites for Floridians is the official Volunteer Florida website

Scroll down that site to all the PDF and Doc files that are filled with great information.

To watch the "topkill" operation live, Huffington Post seems to have the best live feed. Huffington keeps a
 couple different feeds online so if any fails there will still be something up. This is a screen shot of the live feed as of 10:11 AM EST on 5/27/10.  I'm no expert, but it looks worse to me.

The main thing is that we all stay involved on some level, whether giving a donation, our time and labor or being politically active. Whatever your strength is where you are needed!