Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Amazing wildlife!

Right here in my backyard! How great is it to be able to walk out my door for a break from the computer only to find a great heron standing by my pool! He/she was wonderful! He flaps his wings to get to the center in an attempt to get a fish (I guess! Could have been a frog too!).

Speaking of frogs, there are some huge bullfrogs sitting around the pool deck any time there is a light sprinkle! They look like they are garden decorations, they sit so still. I think they just enjoy the rain! There are young ones starting to crawl out of the pond!

I'll never forget the red-shouldered hawk taking a bath in the pond. Amazing thing to watch.

The water quality is so good that I think I could drink it. I'm going to take it into the county to be tested soon. I know I could swim in it. It's warm for about 3-4 inches depth, then it gets very cold. The lilies are really doing a great job of insulating. The Marsh hibiscus has had 10 blooms on it for this its second season! Last year, first year in the pond, it had 3 flowers.

I'm working on getting some streaming video working as well as some cameras focused on the pond to catch some of the critter antics! My website: will be updated by the end of July. I'm back in school learning how to create a good website! Please visit it and see what Marshland is trying to accomplish. It's all about education and saving our resources, water, electric, air, land and even cash!!

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