Sunday, January 24, 2010

Chai On The Fly!

Wiki article on Chai

I accidentally purchased condensed milk over the holidays. Being a raw/healthy eater, I'm not much of a baker and only make things like pumpkin pie over the holidays. So I looked at the can and was surprised to see the ingredients were simply milk and sugar. NOT corn syrup! So I tried a little experiment and the result was a really tasty fast version of Chai.

First boil some water in a cup in the microwave as usual for a cup of tea. Next cut up a small slice of fresh ginger. When the water is ready add a tea bag or some loose tea in a strainer. I found a nice black tea with natural apply spice to be very good in this.  Next add the chopped up fresh ginger and about 1 tablespoon of the condensed milk. Stir until it's time to take the tea ball or bag out.  It's really tasty and in the end I chew up the fresh ginger since the brewing has mellowed it.

Now I probably won't go out and buy more condensed milk, but it's sure been a nice warm beverage during an unusually cold winter!

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