Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Southeast Needs to move into the Future

Every time I do a search on natural yards I get a multitude of sites on the west coast. And while I used to live in Northern California back in  the 70's and realize that we were already working on all the buzzwords of today's modern ecologists, I still cannot fathom that we here in the Southeast are so far behind the curve.

We're still promoting growth, the use of herbicides and pesticides and artificial fertilizers. We're still promoting the use of artificial irrigation. Granted we're trying to promote micro and drip irrigation systems, but in these times of water shortages throughout the world, we should not be promoting any automatic systems. If one needs to water due to a drought, or to establish a new plant, then one should use a hose and an auto-off sprayer. This harsh winter should open our eyes. I've had no casualties due to the cold temperatures. Some of the natives have died back, but I know they will be returning in the Spring. Natives may not be a pretty but they are certainly substantial.

We (meaning all homeowners with land to tend) need to be using composting as a means to enrich our soils and maintain moisture. We need to plant native plants that don't need extra watering, chemical care and sheets in the cold! Not only will we all reap the benefits of lower costs and less physical maintenance, we will also have more birds and butterflies visiting. And  the all important pollinators will have some refuge and new sources of pollen.

It all works together as one piece and most of the world is waking up to that fact. It is time to move forward and become the examples we should be.

I would love to hear what you think about this! Please share your opinions with a comment!

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