Thursday, January 7, 2010

The wonders of the Neti Pot! Save Your Sinuses!

For years I suffered two sinus infections each year, one around Easter and the other in the Fall. Both times related to specific plant blooming times. I had to take Zyrtec in the morning and Flonase at night as well as the antibiotics! Ugh!

Then finally a doctor at the Mayo clinic started me on the path to freedom from sinus infections. His advice: keep the nasal passages moist so they can deal with the pollen attack better. He recommended "Ocean" nasal spay. I took it one step farther, to the Neti, and haven't had an infection since.

The Neti is cheap, safe and well proven over several thousands of years. Learn more about it here:

And of course, Google/Ask/Bing it yourself. The main thing is that I no longer need antibiotics twice a year. No more daily antihistamines. Although I will take a Benadryl after a full day of gardening during certain seasons and high pollen counts.

I also stop all cow milk products during the high pollen times. Cow milk products simply exacerbated the problem for me with the increased mucus dairy is known to produce.

So between the Neti and no cow's milk for those two months, I am sinus clean! (And I love my cheese and ice cream the rest of the year!)

If this helps just one person even a little bit, then I'm happy! Have you ever tried Neti? If so, share your experience in a comment!

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